Happy Independence Day!

Shaku weraing a Nehru cap and holding the Indian flag, and Shanthi wearing a Muslim outfit and carrying a Pakistani flag, standing united over a relief of the India-Pakistan Map, 1947.

"In 1947, when India gained Independence from Great Britain, Mahatma Gandhi was against splitting the country into two Nations, Pakistan, and India.
In support of Gandhiji’s views, My father had these photographs printed in the local papers. I am wearing a Nehru Cap and carrying the Indian Flag. My sister Shanthi is wearing a Muslim outfit, and carrying a Pakistani flag. We are standing, united as partners, side by side over a relief of the combined India- Pakistan Map. The accompanying article carried Gandhij’s message pleading the leaders not to split us up.

As history has shown, they did not listen to him.”

Source: Shaku

04.27.14 Seen somewhere between Pune and Lavasa (take note). I want to go back and shoot in there  such a gorgeous location.

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